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 "My idea was to find a way to share my art in an all encompassing way that involves a beachy, active, saltwater lifestyle. I love the water. It's where I exercise, play, meditate, and get my food from. Realizing how important conservation and clean up is should only come natural. I am dedicated to share my proceeds with my favorite organizations. If you haven't heard of 4Ocean, you need to. They have become a highly organized effort to clean our beaches and oceans. I am also dedicated to quality! I found a very high quality manufacturer in Canada that mills and hand sews my products in a happy and friendly environment. They are forward thinking, using eco friendly products. All of my designs are sections of my paintings put to the ultimate use, active wear! It stokes my soul to see my art on SUP pants, or as reef camo. The tropical designs feel amazing in the yoga studio as well. All active pants are super durable material to handle all of your motion. The water designs also make great water camo so you can be stealthy in the water. Lines Ocean Art boutique is meant to lead to an ongoing relationship with not only my community, but others who share a love for this energetic lifestyle."

Surf. Fish. Paddle. Relax.

Danell Lytell

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